Hassan Ansah is an international photo journalist, college professor, and documentary filmmaker. He has worked in over thirty countries and lived in diverse cultures such as France, Egypt, Yemen, the UK, South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya. He was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Graduated from Egg Harbor Township high school in 1989. Served in the US Navy aboard the famous USS Missouri. He attained a BA in Political Economics from Temple University and went on to complete a MBA in International Business from the University of Maryland.

He has been published in Lonely Planet Egypt 2008, Lonely Planet Jorden 2009, The Lead Business Magazine, Yemen Today, and the Investment Trade magazine. He has worked as a foreign media consultant for CBS News, BBC, Al Jazeera English, and the CBC. His is the author of the Book: Life, Death, and community in Cairo’s City of the Dead ( ISBN: 978-1-4502-6700-7). He is currently a correspondent and producer for IRIN News agency.

He has worked on independent films such as Eyes of the Rainbow, which showcased in the San Miguel film festival in Mexico 2009. He is the first filmmaker to make a documentary on the subject of Sufism in the republic of Yemen “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” He has produced three documentary films for IRIN new agency:” Stories from Kibera, Women in Afganistan, and Afro-Indian Mexico”.

Professor Ansah has taught at the American University of Cairo, Western International University, and Texas Central College. Hassan considers Redlands, California and Tangier, Morocco his primary places of residence.

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